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Use your bathroom visits to put fallen objects back in their place or to quickly wipe the mirror with a cloth. It costs less energy to do one task at a time than to clean up the whole bathroom. After a few weeks, you will not even notice that you spend a little more time in the bathroom from time to time.

Give frequently lost items a permanent place. Scissor, keys, tape, the list is endless. I am a big fan of the junk drawer. The more organized your home is, the smaller this drawer will get.

One-Minute Rule: if something takes you less than 60 seconds to complete, do it right now (like putting socks in the laundry bag, placing coffe mugs directly into the dishwasher). This makes a remarkebla difference at the end of the day.

The real key to success is to do tidying up regulalry. You can always call me in case you lack motivation...

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