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My offer

Your home. Your dream space.

Ordnungscoaching Frankfurt

As a professional home organizer, I transform your home into a structured place.

Whether it is a children's room, pantry, wardrobe, living room, kitchen or basement, or even just one drawer that feels too chaotic.

I will give you a personalized method kit with specific tips based on home psychology research results that are easy to implement.

I accompany you on your way to a more fulfilling life through letting go.

Hourly rate

80 €

1 x 3 hours

✓ One drawer, or
✓ Home Office table, or
✓ Entrance area

In price included

✓ First consultation

✓ Coaching

✓ Follow Up Call

✓ Organization tools

✓ Donation consultation

✓ Disposal service

2 x 3 hours

✓ Bathroom, or
✓ Wardrobe


The recommended coaching duration is 3 hours (240 €)

4 x 3 hours

✓ Kitchen, or
✓ Cellar, or
✓ A complete room

* Prices plus travel expenses and organizational materials.

** As a small business owner according to §19 Abs. 1 UstG I do not charge sales tax and therefore this is not shown.

*** Up to 20% of my home organizing service invoices can be stated as a household-related service in your yearly tax return.

How does this coaching work?

Nora Kippke Aufräumberaterin Frankfurt.png

We get to know each other in a free initial consultation

We make an appointment  (at your place or online)

We define and discuss your goal in more detail

Let's get started:

Edit → Categorize → Organize

You enjoy the good energy 😊

We have a follow-up call a few weeks later

If necessary, we will work on an improvement

Request an individual offer

Shorter units and online coaching are also possible. Just ask:

Thank you for your message!

Does a professional organizer look at all my drawers?

No. Privacy comes first. You show me which area you want to work on and I treat everything with full discretion. Alternatively, we can also conduct the coaching online.

Will the organizer throw away a lot of my things?

No. You decide what goes and what stays. Also, organizational coaching doesn't mean dramatically decluttering and transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle. It's about optimization.

Do I have to clean up before the coaching?

No. I only look around in order to find a suitable solution for you.

I do not like minimalism. Is home organizing still an option for me?

Yes! This is about creating the magic of a well-structured home. Structure is especially important if you have hobbies that require a lot of tools or if you like to collect things. You don't have to declutter or buy anything new. We transform your home within the framework of what you already have.

What is laghu?

Laghu means to ease in Sanskrit (written as लघु). It comes from the word laghiman (to float, lightness). Mahayana is one of the two major Buddhist faiths. Laghu means lightness in body and mind.

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