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Home organizing Frankfurt

Laghu Home Organizing

We transform homes
to gain time and reduce stress
through a structured place

empathischer Aufräumexperte Frankfurt

Werde der Mensch, der sein Leben im Griff hat!

Fange bei Deinem Zuhause an. Eine Wohlfühloase zu zaubern, ist leichter als eine Gehaltsverhandlung.

You wish you had...

  • A home that is always ready for your friends to come over?

  • A dedicated place to store all your belongings?

  • A spa-like home where you can recharge your batteries?

  • A chance to focus on the important things in life?

  • More time to relax in your daily routine?

I help people to elevate their lives through reorganizing their space. We tidy up, declutter and re-organize their households.

Become the person who you always wanted to be! Start with transforming your home into you happy palce and enjoy Laghu (lightness in Sanskrit).t

As your professional home organizer I will show you a long-term perspective instead of tidying up once.
We work together holistically so that you can integrate new routines into your everyday life.

  • Wie Du Deine Räume optimal nutzen kannst

  • Wie Du Entscheidungen triffst, um Ballast loszulassen

  • Einfache Designregel, damit deine bestehende Deko noch besser aussieht

Benefits of an organized home

More time

According to a study by the Soap and Detergent Association, we can save up to 40% on housework just by decluttering.

New Lifestyle

An average European owns
10 000 items.

Through our Laghu mentoring
we reduce this number so you
only own items that you either love or frequently use.

Less stress

A survey by The Daily Mail found that we spend an average of 3680 hours of our lives searching for misplaced objects.

Laghu in den Medien

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“Nóra has helped me to create order in the bathroom  - which I can still keep months later! Now I'm happy every time I enter the room. Her friendly manner is motivating, the tips and tricks were very helpful and the result is really impressive!”

Laura, Frankfurt

“Amazing declutter experience! Nóra has an eye for details, she is efficient, she applies step by step process of declutter and arrangements. This has been like a therapy for our family.”

Mila, Frankfurt

“Nora is a friendly and easy-going person which made a time we spent together online a nice experience. I love my drawer AFTER! It's been over a month since we organized it and it still works perfectly.”

Kasia, Warsaw

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