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About me

Nóra Kippke guides women with her expertise as a home organizer on their journey from chaos to clarity.

She incorporates positive psychology approaches, reflecting her clear focus and sense of aesthetics in her work. Nóra uniquely combines her experiences from the corporate world with her interests in Eastern philosophy.

Laghu means to ease in Sanskrit (written as लघु). It comes from the word laghiman (to float, lightness).

Aufräumexpertin Frankfurt

My journey to an organized life

Do you also feel panic when unexpected guests announce themselves? I know that all too well. My journey to an organized life began when I became a single mom and faced the challenges of everyday life.

The morning stress of finding a hat for the kid or the "I have nothing to wear" dilemma - situations I am all too familiar with. I realized that my belongings bring a lot of tasks to do: I need to clean and repair them, but I didn't know how to change the situation.

The decision to reduce my wardrobe was the beginning of a liberating journey. A book about Capsule Wardrobe helped me to let go of 50% of my clothing and it significantly eased the morning decision-making process. It may sound simple, but I found it challenging to let things to, because "I might still need it." The book guided me through this process.

I'm grateful that I sought help. Minimalism have not only influenced my clothing but also positively impacted my entire life. Sometimes, external support is needed to recognize the power of less.

Home Organizer Frankfurt
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